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Scale Treat

Salt Treat
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Product Code - 10

Remove Scale and Give Your Water that Sparkle

Scale Treat was discovered by accident in the early 1970's. The formula was kept as a service company secret until 1980. Now this excellent product is available to the pool professional and the pool owner.

Why use Scale Treat? Because it . . .

  • Gives the water a diamond sparkle
  • Stops dirty, greasy tile and water line
  • Clears the water
  • Stops scaling
  • Reduces staining
  • Stops corrosion
  • Lasts months - not days as other clarifiers
  • Costs pennies per day

The professionals report dramatic improvement in water "polish" or sparkle. Tremendous time is saved in maintenance by reduced tile dirt and longer filter cycles. Scale Treat will stop pools from going green immediately after chlorine loss. Pool owners enjoy the "soft" water feeling while getting scale protection.

Use Scale Treat for . . .

  • All types of pool start-ups
  • As a preventive clarifier
  • Dirty tile elimination
  • Fountains and ponds scale control
  • Condominium and commercial clarity problems